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Waffle Machines Buying Guide

Waffles are a delicious breakfast item and have come to be expected on almost any restaurant menu. A commercial waffle machine is an essential cookware item for any breakfast buffet, family-style diner, or cafeteria. Waffle machines are extremely easy to get with the help of online shopping websites. We cannot deny the fact that sorting through all the different waffle machines can be a very tricky job. That is the reason why we have prepared this buying guide.

Features of Top Waffle Machines that You Need to Pay Attention to

The Size

Size is vital when it comes down to waffle machines. Some waffle machines are bulky while most come in compact designs. Before getting a waffle machine, you should check how much space you have in your kitchen to spare for this kitchen equipment. A lot of people think large waffle machines make large waffles and small waffle machines make small waffles. That is not necessarily true. Some large waffle machines can make a few small waffles one shot. By looking at the grid of the waffle machine, you will be able to know.

Grill Surface

A concern that most people have about using waffle machines is cleaning up the mess later on. Waffle machines in those days were a notoriously tough job to clean up. Fortunately, as technology progressed, today’s models come with non-stick grill surfaces that makes clean ups a breeze. The non-stick grill surfaces of the waffle machines also make it very easy to slide waffles out once they are; without leaving any residue behind. However, small amount of lubricant such as butter, margarine or oil should not be neglected completely.


To ensure exceptional results, waffle machines now come with internal thermostats. These thermostats are adjustable, allowing the person to dictate how hot he/she wants the waffle machine to get. Everyone has different preferences, some prefer soft, light coloured waffles while others might prefer slightly dark coloured, crispy waffles. By getting a waffle machine that comes with an adjustable thermostat, a person can produce waffles that fit everyone’s personal criteria. Different recipes or different batter call for different temperatures as well. So this feature makes a waffle machine a lot more useful and versatile.

Types of Waffle Machines

The most popular waffle machines that people get is the stove top waffle machines, and round waffle machines. Here is a brief description for each one of these 2 models.

Stove Top Waffle Machines

This model allows people to make waffles the old-fashioned way. The main benefit of a stove top waffle machine is that it does not require electricity. You can bring this along if you are going camping. However, it has its own drawbacks too. This model usually does not come with non stick surfaces, so it can be a nightmare to clean up. Also, it is very easy to spill batter all over your stove top while using one of these. It also takes people a long time to get used to stove top waffle machines. The first few times you do it, your waffles are going to be undercooked or overcooked. We cannot promise that it is going to turn out perfect like what you get in cafes all the time.

Classic Round Waffle Machines

Major brands usually supply this type of waffle machines. The prices for this model typically range from very cheap to very pricey. This model tends to produce thinner, crispier waffles.