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For a long time now, mankind has known about the benefits of sweet corn, which explains why the starchy yellow vegetable has been so popular for the last century. This type of maize is soft and sweet and that is why most people use it as a side dish in some circumstances or as an important ingredient of selected foods. Sweet corn has a myriad benefits to the body of the consumer as it comes loaded with important blocks that work together towards a healthy state of being.

Here is an analysis of the nutritional composition of the vegetable.


As an important component of the body, dietary fiber is seen as a great ingredient in the diet of those fighting for weight loss. It works by regulating the levels of cholesterol in the body, a process it accomplishes by ensuring that no additional fats get absorbed into the belly or abdominal area. Sweet corn features an abundant level of fiber, with nutritionists pointing out that 1 cup contains an average of 3.5 grams. Fiber is also touted for its ability to fight constipation. For corn to be effective in its function, a man needs an average of 30 grams a day while females need 20 grams worthy of supply.


These units are very important for growth and development as well as tissue repair. For example, a cup of cooked sweet corn contains over 30 grams of carbohydrates. Once consumed, this ingredient delinks from corn and moves to different points in the body. There, it is broken down into units that ensure health, fighting off radicals and ensuring normal development. For those who handle manual tasks, carbohydrates are important for the reinvigoration of the whole system, a process that involves repair of damaged tissue and the restoration of tissue fluid components.


When you sweat a lot, you lose some units of this precious element. In the body, potassium is important for the development of muscle and the revitalization of bones. It is also known for its ability to ensure optimal functioning of the heart. Exercising is one of the activities that lead to the loss of potassium, but restoration can be done by eating around 4700 milligrams of sweet corn. This amount is recommended for adults above the age of 19, while young children require around half of that amount. Corn is important for young children as it helps them develop normally. In the elderly, it is responsible for strengthening aging bones and revitalizing weakening muscle tissues.


As a macro-nutrient, protein is considered one of the biggest building blocks of life and vitality. A small cup of corn contains at least 5 grams of protein. For men, 56 grams of proteins day is considered the appropriate amount. Women need at least 46 grams as a daily average in order to thrive. The proteins present in the corn go into the body, working towards the repair of damaged tissues and muscle building. Using the corn as a side dish ensures the absorption of healthy amounts of proteins into the body.

Sweet corn contains adequate levels of fat, which is important for those struggling to manage their weight. Most of the fat contains what is known as good cholesterol and considered healthy for growth and development. Those on diet will find sweet corn a great type of food because it works to cull appetites, leading to a feeling of fullness, which fights the temptation to overindulge. It is important to ensure that growing children take adequate amounts of foods that contain low fat content, as this strategy helps fight off the advance of child obesity.


As an anti-oxidant, vitamin A is responsible for fending off the action of radicals which, if not controlled, could lead to a raft of diseases and premature aging. It also works towards the support and revitalization of connective tissues.

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