Our Unique Technique of extracting the whole kernel, which is not severed from the corncob, ensures that the taste remains fresh, crunchy, and juicy. To capture its finest qualities, the kernels are frozen with our high-tech freezing system within hours of being harvested.

Our Plantations are located in the suburbs, far from city centres that allows for growth in a non-polluted environment and much healthier environment. We have a good control system in place that ensures our corn is well grown.

Our Transportation consists of our very own Reefer Containers that provide the smooth and seamless transportation of our products for export, allowing them to arrive at their destination as fresh as the day it was picked. For the domestic market, we deliver with LC Refrigerated Trucks that are equipped with temperature control to ensure the freshness of our products.

Our Business Concept
We manage and maintain the whole process, from farming, processing and storage to distribution of the finished products and therefore not only are we able to ensure consistency but also maintain a continuous supply all year round.

We invested in years of researching and developing this concept and were one of the first to initiate sweet corn farming in Malaysia. Over the years, we have developed a substantial export network, serving customers throughout Asia, the UAE and Europe.