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Insist on LC Sweet Corn and Taste the Golden Goodness.
LC MAIZE MANUFACTURING SDN BHD was transferred from the elder to the 2nd generation of the family. We were one of the largest sweet corn producers in Malaysia and represented by analysis, Halal Certificate, GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000:2005, etc. Our success lies in our ability to consistently provide high quality fresh sweet and frozen whole kernel corn, rich in nutrition and natural taste, with NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES, FLAVOURINGS or COLOURS.

Our Unique Technique of extracting the whole kernel, which is not severed from the corncob, ensures that the taste remains fresh, crunchy, and juicy. To capture its finest qualities, the kernels are frozen with our high-tech freezing system within hours of being harvested. We manage and maintain the whole process, from farming, processing, packaging and quick frozen storage to distribution of the finished products and therefore we able to ensure consistency, furthermore, maintain a continuously supply throughout the year. Over the years, we have developed a substantial export network, serving customers throughout Asia, the UAE and Europe. Apart from manufacturing frozen sweet corn, we also produce waffle machines, corn steamer, seasoning powder, waffle cake premix, frozen waffle cake, jam & spread, paper bags, plastic lid & spoon as well as foam cup & paper cup.

As one of the innovative food producers in Malaysia, we will put our effort and continues to be the market leader in Global with advance technology in food industry.


For a long time now, mankind has known about the benefits of sweet corn, which explains why the starchy yellow vegetable has been so popular for the last century. This type of maize is soft and sweet and that is why most people use it as a side dish in some circumstances or as an important ingredient of selected foods. Sweet corn has a myriad benefits to the body of the consumer as it comes loaded with important blocks that work together towards a healthy state of being.


Sweet corn is a unique variety of maize eaten as a vegetable. The seeds are tender, delicious and tasty, attributes that serve to explain why the variety has become so popular in diets around the world. The major difference between this corn and conventional varieties is that it is harvested immediately after the milk stage. At this point, the corn is used within days or frozen. Freezing guarantees the preservation of the crop's originality, ensuring that the sugar content inside does not convert to starch too soon.